Accountability, September 8, 2016

Okay, not the most creative title, but it is almost midnight and I am tired. I’m starting daily mini-posts to give updates on all my things I’m supposed to be doing every day, for accountability. So, here goes:

I don’t remember where I left off yesterday, but I currently have a total of 7 scenes that I have noted who is in the scene and why they’re there, the main conflict in the scenes, the purpose of the scene, and the “twist”. I’m kind of hoping to finish this step this weekend – and I currently have a total of 63 scenes to do this for. So… 63-7= 56? in three days? I can do it if I buckle down on it, I think.

According to my fitbit, I walked 13,067 steps, today. I didn’t get in any other exercise, but 13k steps is exercise enough, right?

Starting tomorrow, hopefully I will also be adding my Italian and Dvorak lessons to these posts. I really want to get going on those again. Especially the Dvorak. I have a spite goal for Nano of 250k – despite my Nano record when I wasn’t working full-time being less than 150k. November is going to be INSANE.

This post was originally longer, but I accidentally deleted like 2/3’s of it, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even come close to properly recreating it. Oh well. I’ll be checking in again tomorrow night.


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