Accountability September 9, 2016

I’ve given up on coming up with creative titles for these posts. By definition I’m writing them right before bed when I’m fucking tired as fuck. (I swear a lot when I’m tired. Oh well. There’s swearing and sex and violence in my novels. Anyone who would be turned off by a little swearing isn’t going to like me, anyway.)

Anyway… Today was a bit of a bust on the productivity front. I did the write ups for two more scenes before work this morning. As well as fixing the numbering on the ones I had already done, and starting to fix the numbering on my scene cards in Scrivener. (Because the two scenes I wrote up today were ones that I didn’t have on my outline, yet, so the numbering is a bit of a mess now.) I planned on getting more done at work, today but… I forgot my notebook at home, and also forgot to set the file to offline mode in the dropbox app on my tablet. So, while I had the current version of the file, it was read-only. And my tablet does not have a data plan, so without wifi, there was no way to finish downloading it.

As for exercise, I got in 10,557 steps at work. Since forgetting my notebook was only one of many things that went wrong today, I… was too emotionally drained to bother with exercise. I don’t have work tomorrow so will hopefully be able to get up the energy to do one of my exercise videos. I’m going to need it with not having work to get my step count up.

I also didn’t bother with my Italian or Dvorak lessons. Tomorrow! I will start tomorrow!

All in all, today was kind of a dud. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, as they say. See you then.


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